Thank you for choosing Willhelm Grill for a safe, durable and reliable product. Willhelm Technologies GmbH guarantees the first owner that the charcoal grill is free from material or workmanship-related defects.

Warranty program

The warranty program applies to the original buyer of the grill and is not transferable to later owners. It applies to normal use in a single private household.

Stainless steel parts (1): 10 years or 1000 operating hours (2)
Mechanical components: 1 year or 200 operating hours
Wooden parts: 1 year or 200 operating hours
Stainless steel grill (3): 10 years or 1000 operating hours
Cast iron grill(3): 10 years or 1000 operating hours
All other (except wearing parts): 1 year or 200 operating hours

1 Coatings are excluded from the warranty
2 the first guarantee period applies
3 on rusting or burning through
4 The following are counted as wearing parts: warming dishes, ash pan temperature sensor, plug connections

Obligations of the owner under the guarantee scheme

The above warranty is only valid if the owner treats the product with care and if the grill is assembled and operated according to the instructions supplied with the grill. Failure to comply with the instructions will void the warranty. Read the instructions carefully before use, and follow all instructions contained therein. If you have misplaced or lost the instructions, you can download a replacement copy at www.willhelm-grill.com. Willhelm Technologies GmbH has the right to request proof of the date of purchase. Keep the proof of purchase or the invoice.

Implementation of the guarantee scheme

This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of parts that have been found to be defective under normal use and service after an examination and confirmation by Willhelm Technologies GmbH. Contact your local dealer before submitting parts. You can find general contact information on our website. If Willhelm Technologies GmbH confirms the defect and accepts your claims, Willhelm Technologies GmbH will replace or repair such parts free of charge. If you are asked to send in defective parts, the freight costs will be paid by the sender. Willhelm Technologies GmbH sends parts back to the buyer, and pays the freight or postal fees in advance.

Exemption from the guarantee scheme

The warranty program expires if damage, deterioration of condition or rust occur for which Willhelm Technologies GmbH is not responsible. It expires at:

  • improper installation or improper maintenance and service work or due to neglect of normal and routine maintenance
  • Installation of spare parts from other manufacturers and unauthorized modifications
  • Accident, abuse, misappropriation, changes, misuse, vandalism
  • Wear or damage due to harsh weather conditions such as hail, hurricanes, earthquakes or tornadoes
  • Use of chemicals, either directly or via the atmosphere
  • Damage caused by insects (such as spiders) and rodents (such as martens)
  • Exposure to salty air and/or chlorine sources such as swimming pools and whirlpools;

Except for the warranties and terms set forth herein, no other warranties are hereby expressly made.

This warranty applies only to products sold in retail stores or through authorized distributors.
You (as user and/or owner) bear the risk and liability for loss, damage or injury of yourself and your property and/or others and their property in connection with misuse of the product or failure to follow the instructions provided by Willhelm Technologies GmbH in the instructions for use supplied. Willhelm Technologies GmbH is not liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages. In no event shall compensation of any kind under this warranty program exceed the purchase price of the product sold.
For parts and accessories replaced under the warranty program, only the remaining terms of the above original warranty shall apply.
Willhelm Technologies GmbH reserves the right to change the design of the products from time to time. It is expressly not part of this warranty program to incorporate design changes into products manufactured at an earlier date. Furthermore, changes to the design are not an admission that earlier designs were defective.

Warranty extension

The Willhelm Grill warranty extension must be purchased within 12 months of the original purchase date of the grill and offers up to 2 years additional warranty from the original purchase date. The advantages of the warranty extension apply in addition to the rights granted by consumer protection laws. The service can only be provided for the grill and any original accessories supplied that are defective in material or workmanship, or for batteries that have less than 80% of their original capacity.

No purchase of the extended warranty is required when purchasing the equipment.

The Willhelm Grill warranty extension offers up to 2 years of additional hardware service options on the components specified in the warranty program with a warranty period of 2 years and covers both spare parts and labor.

Warranty extension
Package 1: Extension of warranty to 2 years (prepayment) 375,00 €
Package 2: Warranty extension to 3 years (prepayment) 750,00 €