... has always been legendary. According to Greek mythology, Prometheus, of the divine lineage of the Titans and subjects of the father of the gods, Zeus, brought the fire of the sun to earth. However, our ancestors knew of fire from lightning and volcanic eruptions only as a destructive force of nature. It was not until the Stone Age that people started cooking food and burning vessels with fire. It brought good things to people. But it was only Willhelm Grill who really mastered fire.


... learned the blacksmith profession from his father who, in turn, had learned from his father. A family dynasty. But only Willhelm gained notoriety beyond the borders of his city. Because he was the first who made fire manageable. No one could control the temperature of the fire like he could to perfectly forge iron. Following this tradition, we have committed ourselves to controlling the fire of the grill, and making grilling manageable for everyone.


... was no need for barbecue. But we reinvented charcoal grills in combination with smart technology.  The heart of the grill is the newly patented mobile embers bed with sensor-controlled temperature regulation.  Integrated grill thermometers tell you exactly when the meat, fish or vegetables are ready. By the way: in less than ten minutes the charcoal is ready to grill, faster than any other grill. And all this controlled by app.

Willhelm Grill auf einem Phone mit App


... you can seek perfection for a long time. Grilled to perfection, with the aroma of charcoal and the fiery passion of Willhelm Grill. Nothing brings such a wonderfully unfolding flavour to your meat, fish and everything else that comes across your grill.