We forge taste


Become a master of fire.

With the patented system of lift, blower and sensors you can control the temperature at the grate of the Willhelm Grill at any time.

It is coal.

Enjoy the pure and true barbecue experience. Charcoal won’t allow you to miss neither taste nor passion.

Der Willhelm Grill mit Holzkohle.


Grill meat to the point.

The four cooking thermometers empower you to reach and maintain the desired core temperature of fish, meat & co.

Control everything in one app.

Smart technology at its best: you possess the power to influence every phase of your barbecue with your smartphone.



The Willhelm Grill cuts a perfect figure everywhere and suits into any environment.

High-quality material.

Made of stainless steel, with a slender design and functionalities as if made of one piece.

The most stunning combination of a charcoal grill and smart technology. 

Explore new dimensions of having a barbecue. Experience, how.

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