The Willhelm Grill promises the real barbecue experience – with charcoal. Made of stainless steel with a slim design and functionalities as if made of one piece, it simply fits into any environment. You won't miss anything when barbecuing, neither taste nor passion.

Included in the delivery are the grill, two stainless steel grill grills, glow tray, ash tray and two cooking thermometers.

warranty extension

The Willhelm Grill warranty extension offers up to 2 years additional hardware service options on the components specified in the warranty program with a warranty period of 2 years and covers both spare parts and working time.

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Power supply

The grill can be controlled via a power supply or battery operation. When using a power supply to operate, the battery is charged automatically.


The temperature can be adjusted via the ventilation and by adjusting the height of the heating pan. Adjustment range: 150 - 550 ° C


The exterior dimensions of the Willhelm Grill are 530 x 900 x 530 mm (W x H x D). The square grill has a length of 430 mm.


The grill has a fixed temperature sensor directly on the grate and connections for four cooking thermometers.

Heating Time

The chimney effect is amplified by the fans and allows the grill to be ready for use in less than 10 minutes.


The powder coating ensures optimal resistance.


    The grill from all its best sides.

    Just turn and see.

    Product details


    • Height: 90cm
    • Width: 53cm
    • Depth: 53cm
    • Weight: 80kg


    • Synchronized belt drive that distributes the force evenly over both strokes
    • Position sensors for automatic starting and stopping
    • Temperature sensors PT100
    • Control via WLAN & Bluetooth


    • Stainless Steel WNr. 1.4301
    • Powder-coated and thus heat-resistant up to 500°C
    • Beautifully structured cutting surface made of bamboo wood that withstands solid, waterproof and high load-bearing capacity
    • Lower plate is a multi-layer, waterproof multiplex or screen printing plate


    • Slim, shapely design
    • Fits in any environment
    • Shadow joints for optical lightness


    • Optimum temperature regulation through integrated temperature sensors
    • No height adjustment of the grate necessary due to mobile embers bed
    • Waterproof and robust cutting surface
    • Long operating time with up to 12 hours without mains power
    • Easy cleaning of the stainless steel grate in the dishwasher possible


    • Attachment concept with adapters for attaching modules such as worktops, kitchen elements and iPad holder
    • Mobility concept through transport wheels with thru axles